Vidisha Joshi

Inspiring Professional Women

Vidisha Joshi was one of the youngest managing partners of a law firm, appointed to independent law firm Hodge Jones & Allen with 230 staff in 2017. She gave up fee earning and introduced multiple workplace improvements including the launch of a new commercial awareness training programme to improve the commercial acumen of the partners, and pausing fee earning targets for the first 3 months of returning new mothers, plus other initiatives under the firm’s ‘Continuous Innovation Programme’. Turnover rose by 21% to £17.7 M in 2017/2018 with profits up by almost £2.5M to £4M. Since then, one of the few law firms to do so, it has changed its business model from an LLP to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) structure to allow profits to be invested back into the business to build for future growth and to further benefit the firm. Ms Joshi, the daughter of Kenyan immigrants, describes herself as a ‘stop talking start doing’ type of person who enjoys challenging herself. Her leadership style, a people-centric one, rare in private practice, is a great example of ‘if you look after the people, the financial results will follow.’ Vidisha who studied law at Leicester University, said about talent ‘we recognise talent wherever it comes from. You can have the whole Oxbridge background, but equally, you don’t have to. Talent isn’t limited to that group of people.’ Ready for a new challenge, Vidisha recently resigned as Managing Partner. Watch this space. An inspiring woman to watch!


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