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If you’d told me when I left University in 2001, that 13 years later I’d be setting up my own Data Consultancy business, I would have laughed and probably been a little bit terrified at the thought! What on earth would I know about data…?! Graduating with a degree in French and German, I intended to pursue a career in the business world that would let me use my languages and travel frequently.  Little did I know that the temping job I took that August would be the first step on the path of a 13 year NHS career and into public health data management. Inspired by Kellie, my then-manager now business partner’, and her enthusiasm for data, we created a people-focused approach to data management that focused on encouraging ownership and engagement at a local level.  My translation skills came in handy, making complex data requirements understandable and relevant to clinical and administrative staff and their everyday roles.  Our proudest moment was successfully implementing the Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) dataset for England – allowing greater insight into the efficacy of chemotherapy treatment for patients and the outcomes achieved.

Setting up Databasix UK was the natural next step for Kellie and I at a point where significant changes in the public sector meant we were both reflecting on where our careers were headed.  We recognised that our approach was different from the typical systems-led approach, spent some time building up the offer and took the plunge to leave public-sector security a year later.  Two years on, I know we’re very much at the beginning of this path, but at the same time we’ve already come so far in that time and I’m constantly learning more, both about the business world and about myself.   One thing is for sure, Kellie was right, no day is ever the same.

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Reflect – Running is my time to think things over, reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going
Connect – Genuine connections are made through listening and caring.
Perfect – If the perfect plan doesn’t come to fruition, take the opportunity you have in front of you


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