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Rachel Brushfield – The Talent Liberator, Energise – The Talent Liberation Company

Career Strategist & Fulfillment Coach. Inspiring Portfolio Careers. Confident Self Marketing. Talent Management. Author.

I have been self employed for over 20 years and love the freedom and choice that self-employment brings. I am now in my fifties, and have thirty years business experience. With the 100 year life that many people will now enjoy, I am about only half way through mine!

My career started in food marketing and I moved to the consultancy side working for design, innovation and advertising agencies – insight, brands, communication and behaviour in all its forms fascinates me. At the beginning of setting up my business Energise, I did freelance strategy work for various clients for four years then retrained as a coach doing career, life and executive coaching for a mixture of corporates, law firms, small businesses and individuals. I have always taken the long-term view of my business, looked at trends, developed thought leadership and invested in my skills and knowledge. I don’t fit in one ‘box’, nor do I want to!

I now have a portfolio career – designed around my personal values of freedom, variety, space, choice and learning. Career coaching, event design and delivery, marketing mentoring, content creation, change and talent management consultancy and writing are the current constituents of my own portfolio career. My coaching specialisms are second careers, career fulfillment, portfolio careers and women professionals and executives, helping all with confident and competent self-marketing. PWHub is a great way to meet and connect with different people and design new exercises in my local community of Oxfordshire. I love my work and my clients inspire me so much.

Reflect: I am very atypical in how much time I devote to reflection! I go on career retreats 6 times a year, for four days at a time. ‘Decompression’ from the busyness of the modern world and my portfolio career is the first stage, then ideas flow and finally planning. I return home re-energised, focused and with a renewed sense of purpose. The modern world is full-on, especially with social media and a portfolio career. I am launching a new Energise service – career retreats for my clients, I have found a fantastic venue in the Cotswolds and am really excited about this! Making time for deep thinking is so important, the pace of change of the digital age, and being in nature is a great way to get inspiration, plus sharing the journey with other professionals.

Connect: I have always been a natural connector of people. The URL for my first web site over twenty years ago was www.energisingconnector.co.uk ! My network is high quality and diverse, I have built it up over the last thirty years very purposefully, having looked at trends. I enjoy helping my clients by introducing them to useful contacts – this is especially crucial when changing career direction as ‘you can only know what you know’.

Perfect: I am naturally very curious and I love learning new things. I have always done a lot of personal and professional development; it is incredibly important to have in-depth self-awareness and to keep your skills and knowledge updated and refreshed in our fast-changing world. My CPD has included Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), inner listening, a 10-day silent retreat and very recently, storytelling mentoring. I have continually reinvented myself in my career which is why I am passionate about helping my clients to develop a second career such as a portfolio career. I am looking forward to doing a new psychology/neuroscience qualification in 2019 to take my coaching to the next level. Never stop learning!

Web sites: www.inspiringportfoliocareers.com | www.llclub.org | www.energiselegal.com


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