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Inspiring Professional Women

PWHub is the only county wide cross sector network dedicated to support the career success, fulfilment and personal growth of senior women.

The purpose of PWHub is to provide a professional yet informal hub for professional senior employed women to support and inspire their professional development and careers, giving a safe space to connect, share, learn and grow.

We chose a swan as our symbol for PWHub because a swan is a graceful and beautiful elegant bird, moving through the water seemingly effortlessly, whilst under the water line it is paddling furiously! No need to explain this further………….!

The working life of senior women in business can be full-on and PWHub is a haven where you can focus on you, be yourself and connect with like-minded senior women.

We welcome your ideas and input to shape PWHub.  Please share any ideas using the Contact us page.



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Tuesday 27 September 2022

Block busting. Coaching yourself to create an inner gear shift.

PWHub – Inspiring Professional Women


Space and time to reflect, relax, think and take stock in your life and career


Meet and connect with diverse like-minded senior women professionals


Hone and perfect personal and professional development skills