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Inspiring Professional Women

Did you know, research & neuroscience shows that women:

  • Worry more than men?
  • Have brains with more connections between the left and right sides than men?
  • Would rather talk up each other than promote themselves?
  • Suffer from ‘the imposter syndrome’?
  • Assume their hard work to be noticed & recognised?

True or false?

  • Women give an inadequate account of their achievements, are more perfectionist and conscientious and expect hard work and achievement to be noticed and rewarded.
    Source = Catalyst (USA), Cranfield (UK), Brook Graham Ltd (UK)
  • Men and women communicate differently.
    Men = ‘transactional’ or ‘report’, women ‘relational’ ‘rapport’ style – communications mismatch
    Source: Ian Dodds Consulting (IDC) 2015
  • Women and men have equal access to the same career opportunities.
    Large disparity in opinion on career opportunities; 81% of males believe that the same career opportunities are available regardless of gender compared to 55% of women.
    Source: Hays Global Gender Diversity report 2016 – Powering change.
    Women have half the career sponsors that men have
    Source: The real benefit of finding a sponsor, Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Harvard business review, January 2011
  • Men and women are motivated by the same things at work.
    Women have different values, think more holistically & more broadly, are attuned to social and environmental concerns & are more in tune with relationships thinking of themselves in relation to others. Men see themselves as independent and standing apart from others. Women more than men need meaning and purpose from their work
    Source: Forbes: Why women on company boards boost performance Karsten Strauss, April 2016
  • Women want flexibility more than men.
    97% of both male and female millennials say work life balance and flexibility is important to them
    Source: PwC infographic the female millennial – A new era of talent 2016

A network tailored for senior women’s specific needs and approach makes sense, as part of an integrated internal and external networking strategy. Welcome to PWHub – Inspiring Professional Women.

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Tuesday 27 September 2022

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“Be the change you want to see”

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PWHub – Inspiring Professional Women


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