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Alexandra Lewis

I have worked in family law since 1995. I now have my own law firm and mediation practice. I work as a sole practitioner and have offices in Oxford and London.

I am a firm believer in the “horses for courses” approach and empowering clients to help themselves as much as possible.

People fall madly in love: they fall madly out of love too! I help clients to focus on the new life they want and to look creatively at the options available to them and to the pros and cons until the path forward becomes clear.

Family law is a field where the outcome of decisions and the approach taken are constantly reality tested so you know if you are on track or not and can make adjustments accordingly. You are working with people who have different communication styles and different backgrounds. Beneath these differences is a common thread of clients looking for change and to find a new life for themselves and their children that fits them better now. To see a client take responsibility and positive action for their future is exciting and is my fundamental motivation.

Reflect: I reflect in a movement practice call 5 rhythms. It is a form of meditation. I also write morning pages. I think deeply about issues and look at them from as many perspectives as I can. One has a choice about the attitude taken that is very freeing. We all have many voices and I listen to those voices but ultimately choose the attitude and approach that fits most closely with the best in me – or try to…

Connect: Coming from an army and boarding school background I am independent by nature. I have grown to see the power and pleasure of synergy and interdependence and am tolerant of very different styles as this can fast track positive results and creativity. I have strong professional and personal relationships and these mean the world to me.

Perfect: I love to learn and to develop my skills. This year I am focusing on coaching for children to help parents to see their children in their systems and to get support and inspiration from that. I am thoroughly impressed by Richard Broadbent’s books on Compassionate Communication. In particular his advice to notice the values in oneself that are most important and to develop those in your psyche so that you are responding with that mindset and not in a reactive state are extremely valuable.

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